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Are you ready for a new hairstyle that demands attention when you enter a room? Check out our chic and unique styles that will quickly transform your look, your style, and definitely  boost you confidence. 

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A New You!

Are you ready to go from doubt to confidence?  How about from hiding out to stepping forward from behind the scenes to center stage? At B’chiq U’niq Hair Boutique we want to help you to take your meekness to full throttle chicness.  We have the latest in what you need to get you there.  Click the button and check us out. 


Checkout The Latest Trends

At B’chiq U’niq Hair Boutique we pride ourselves as being trendsetters.  We strive to bring our B.U. customers the hottest and trendiest products available.  Our goal is to keep our customers “chic and unique” by staying in the forefront of what‘s hot and what’s not; and by being a leader in the hair beauty industry.

Brazilian Body Wave Closure

Brazilian Body Wave Closure

$84.00$98.00 Price_excluding-taxes
Brazilian Deep Wave Closure

Brazilian Deep Wave Closure

$84.00$98.00 Price_excluding-taxes
Kinky Curly Closure

Brazilian Kinky Curly Closure

$84.00$98.00 Price_excluding-taxes
Brazilian Loose Wave Closure

Brazilian Loose Wave Closure

$84.00$98.00 Price_excluding-taxes
Brazilian Silky Straight Closure

Brazilian Silky Straight Closure

$84.00$98.00 Price_excluding-taxes
Spanish Wave Closure

Brazilian Spanish Wave Closure

$84.00$90.00 Price_excluding-taxes

don't be afraid to

be chic.

You have all the makings inside of you to turn your chic sophisticated style up.  Walk like a boss. Talk like a boss!  Be the boss.  Let your  B'chic Uniq hair and your  style set the atmosphere.

be who you are


Know that you are wonderfully and beautifully made in all your royal uniqueness.  You are a trend-setter in your own right and someone is watching you. With B'chic U'niq hair and lashes all eyes will be on you.


stay true and B.U.

Get out the box and find the definition of you with B'chic U'niq Hair Boutique.  Express yourself through your style, and your hair.

You Look beautiful!

There is nothing like having flawless hair and lashes to take you there.  Hair that flows and retains luster and lashes that flutter like butterfly wings; helps to enhance our beauty and make us magical.  Yes, women are magical because they can change up a thousand times and be a different kind of beauty with every change.  So ladies, dare to B.U with B'chic Uniq Hair  Boutique.... Your Royal Beauties.


From Little Girls to Women

Transform and transcend

"Sugar and spice and everything nice.  That's what little girls are made of"  That's a nursery rhyme some women grew up on.  However, they didn't make a nursery rhyme for little girls becoming women.  Much like  a caterpillar we go through  transformation and become a beautiful butterfly.  After an experience with B’chic U’niq Hair Boutiques’ hair and lashes, you are destined to look even more beautiful.   Additionally,  our goal is to give you what you need to achieve that beautiful butterfly transformation in a chic but unique way. We know, when you look good, you feel good and everyone takes notice.  You also feel more confident and you know who you are. Your confidence enters the room before you do. You have transformed from the shy little girl to the bold confident women.  Confidence is everything .


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